Custom Steam Room

Imagine the hours of pleasure that you could get from owning a steam room, how much your health and wellbeing would benefit too. Steams rooms, when bought ready assembled or fitted, can be quite costly. It is possible to save money though by building your own and take advantage of the benefits of having a custom steam room. Basically, the only thing that you need in order to build a custom steam room is some basic woodworking skills, the correct tools and some inexpensive wood. You will end up with your own custom built steam room, exactly how you want it and at a much lower cost than you could buy one for.

Custom Steam Room

Which Type Best Suits What I Want

The first thing that you should do is to have a look around at some of the many styles that are available.  Visit some suppliers just to get some ideas.  By doing this you can pick out all the features that you like in different steam rooms and put them all into your own.  Also have a look on the internet as there is a lot of information and DIY tutorials on how to begin working at custom steam room.

How Much Work is Involved?

Be realistic and decide first how much time you can devote to building your own steam room.  If you are fully qualified in carpentry then it won’t take long and shouldn't throw up any problems, but if you are a novice then expect it to take time.  To make it easier for you though, it is possible to buy steam room kits that are a bit like flat packed furniture.  Your steam room won’t be as customised to your own preferences, but you may gain the liberty of making a few alterations to suit what you had in mind.  If it all seems a bit too complicated then you can always get in a local tradesman to build it for you.

Where to Locate Your Custom Steam Room

Your custom steam room can be situated indoors, or if you don't have room inside of the house, it can be located outside just as easily.  However, don´t forget that they do need electricity in order to operate and of course, they will get damp, both inside and out.   Access needs to be easy and of course, privacy is of the utmost importance.  It also needs to be constructed on a very level and safe base.

What Materials will I Need?

If you are not using a kit then talk to your local carpenter and find out which wood is best to use for the purpose of building a custom steam room.  It will need to look good and also be treated for moisture to avoid acquiring damage over time.  You will also need materials to create the inside seating and shelving.

Custom Steam Room Assembly

When you are ready to construct your custom steam room, plan first and remember that the better the planning and preparation, the better the finish.  Steam room kits will come with instructions which do help, and should allow you to construct them quicker.  Don´t forget that the sheer size of a steam room would make it very difficult for just one person to assemble it.  It would be best to enlist the help of a friend in advance so that you aren't delayed by having to wait for someone.  You will also need seals for the doors and then, before using it, remember to test it properly and ensure that it doesn't get too hot and compromise your safety.