DIY Steam Room

Whilst it is always better to use a licensed electrician and plumber to install a steam room, DIY steam room installation is becoming more popular and is not a difficult project for those with some advanced handyman skills.

DIY Steam Room

Choosing a Unit

Many rooms come as a kit and this is the easiest way of following instructions on how to install the room safely.  Choosing the style, the source of heat and water to produce the steam and the expense of the unit will help you decide how much help you may require to proceed and how much professional help is required to ensure you don’t void your warranty if you install a component that under the warranty regulation requires a licensed tradesperson to do the work.

The steam room is intended to generate steam to produce the sauna effect and this is done by either the traditional Finnish method of producing steam by adding water to hot coals or by buying specialized fixtures for your shower head that generates steam.  The choice may also include a more luxurious unit that combines a shower and bath into the steam room.  For the adventurous, outdoor steam rooms may be an alternative to an interior one and are worth exploring if space is an issue.

Planning the DIY Steam Room Project

Once you have chosen your unit you can either design its installation with the manufacturers or you may like to consider an architect or plumber to advise you of the best locations and materials to use to complete the project.  Fittings, safety features such as non-slip tiles and decorative additions can all help add a distinctive finish to your project that will make it look a professional rather than a DIY steam room job.

Completing the DIY Steam Room Project

Purchasing a pre-cut unit is the preference for most people building their own steam room.  They come with full instructions and there is support available from the manufacturer in the event of a problem with installing the unit.  Many of the kits can be assembled in as little as two hours or a couple of days, although a more extensive bathroom modification will require much longer.  Many of the DIY steam room kits can also be customised and this allows for personal modifications during the installation process.  The choice of wood or steam generators and fittings can be substituted in some instances during the assembly process.

Because of safety considerations, even if you choose to do most of the work yourself, it is essential that you have the plumbing and electrical work completed by a licensed tradesperson.  Whilst this may add expense to your project, this will ensure the warranty is maintained and that anyone using your steam room is not subjected to any dangers.

An Asset for Years to Come

A well planned DIY steam Room project will give you a sense of personal fulfilment as it is enjoyed by yourself and your family.  The health benefits of a steam room are well documented and if you choose to sell your house it will be a major selling point to perspective buyers.