Installing Steam Room

Coming home from a hard days work and looking forward to the evening with the family after a nice steam bath is everyone’s dream. Most people only see it as a dream, but for many the dream has become a reality. They have discovered the ease of installing steam room in their own home.

Installing Steam Room

 Unit Choice and Installing Steam Room Considerations

Contrary to what many might think, it is not difficult to add a steam room to you home.  Limitations are cost and appropriate space.  It takes some thought and planning to ensure that installation complies with warranty and government regulations, but the process is straight forward.  It is essential that you plan your installation with a licensed plumber who understands what these regulations are.  Warranties can be voided if due consideration is not given to the correct procedures.

The size of the room is probably the basic decision that needs to be made.  Some families want a unit that suits just their basic family needs, whilst others want a unit that enables them to invite family and friends to join them.  Cost variations may be quite significant depending on size and careful selection is important.  The units come in two main styles: a self-enclosed unit which may be incorporated into a bath and shower combination and the more expensive and self-indulgent complete package.
Once you have selected they style that best meets your purposes, you need to buy from a reputable dealer and ensure that a plumber and electrician are involved in the installing steam room process.  Whilst it is possible to install your own steam unit, doing so will cancel the warranty if there is a problem later.

Purchasing the Equipment You Require for Installing Steam Room

When purchasing your equipment ensure you buy from known name brands and established suppliers.  Be vigilant about the amount of power that will be required to operate the room once installed as it will increase your power bill significantly if you are not wise in your choice of style and unit.  Extra features are available that you can add to the basic units you may purchase to increase the effectiveness and the enjoyment you gain from the room.  These include extra steam jets and electrical appliances such as radios and telephones.

If you have a family or you intend friends to use the unit with you, ensure you do a risk assessment prior to remodelling your bathroom.  Steam rooms can be slippery when wet, and modifications to your bathroom may necessitate ensuring non slip surfaces are included in the plans.

 Maintaining and Improving the Resale Value of Your Home

Be aware that major bathroom modifications may be necessary even if you only install a small unit and it may be wise to maintain the value of your property by having an architect help you design the layout.  The value of your home can be enhanced with a beautifully laid out bathroom with the added novelty of its own steam room.

The time taken planning and the expenses outlaid in installing steam rooms are worth the effort and will give you and your family years of relaxation and pleasure.