Installing Steam Room

Installing steam room at home is not as difficult or expensive as you might think.  There is no need to even have a new bath or shower installed as it is possible to convert your old one. Whichever way you choose it is not going to take you long.

Installing Steam Room

Preparing the Steam Room

As steam can cause damage to the bricks and mortar it is best to make sure that the room has been properly prepared beforehand.  If it is a new build it will be easier to have the necessary equipment installed but it is still not too difficult with an existing one.  You need to check for three things mainly that the steam does not get out of the steam room, it does not burn the users when it has condensed into water and thirdly it is able to drain away safely.

When installing steam room the walls must be properly sealed and should ideally be tiles or glass – something that is impervious and the ceiling needs to slope.  Use silicone when sealing them as this will make sure the job is properly done.  The whole structure has to be waterproof and this can be ensured by using something like Sheetrock.  It should then be waterproofed.

Don’t have a ceiling that is more than 8 feet high when installing a steam room.  You must also make sure that there is a slop as this will allow the water to slide away rather than drop back down.  Try to get is so as the slope is about 2” per foot.

Installing Steam Room

Depending on what you are doing you need to be very clear about the way you seal the appliance.  If it is a bath that is being converted than it will be best to leave a small gap at the bottom.  This will allow some air to flow round.  If it is a room it will be best to go ahead and seal it.

Even if it is going to be a modular steam shower the bathroom should still be built to cope with steam as although the system is designed to deal with most of the steam there will still be moisture released.  Whichever system you are deciding to use there is still the need to remember the steam generator and make sure that it is correctly installed and properly maintained.  You will find it easy to decide which generator you need as it will depend largely on the size of the steam room.

For installation, make sure the area is not cold and as you can have it up to 40 feet away from the steam room it should not be a problem.  You can use hot or cold water and it should have a 240 vault connection.  When installing remember to allow for condensation and make sure it is easily accessible for servicing.

Once located there will be the need to turn off the water supply, solder it in place and then lag it. Once the water is turned back on it is then time to join the steam generator and the controls. Place the control panel away from the steam head and all systems will come complete with comprehensive instructions.  Switch on, and if the unit lights up you have done a good job installing steam room.  It will be best to wait a day before use to make sure everything has dried and settled down.