Steam Room Doors

You have chosen your design and location for your steam room and now need to purchase doors to both complement the aesthetics of your choice of designs but also to provide the seal required to seal the steam inside the unit. Careful choice of steam room doors is essential to successful project completion and your on-going satisfaction with your room.

Steam Room Doors

Choosing a Steam Room Door

Ordinary shower doors will not seal a room adequately to ensure the effectiveness of the steam unit and may cause long term problems with mould and water leakage problems in other areas of the house as well as in the room itself.  When searching for a steam room door, ensure you specify its purpose to the supplier.  Ventilation is essential and a steam door is designed to allow for air entry at the bottom of the door but as steam rises, it prevents loss of steam at the top of the door.

Doors are available that open in the conventional way or you can opt for a sliding door model.  The hinged doors often have a sliding hinge version that enables correction of an un-level surface.  The size of the door can be customised and commercial steam rooms often install doors capable of allowing wheel chair access.

Pricing a Steam Room Door

Design features, size and style will dictate the price of the door, but this often adds a significant cost to the project so shopping around for price comparisons is helpful.  You can expect to pay £500 for a door that is made of glass, which is the most popular material for doors.  Depending on the price and design you may pay a little extra and have the door custom made for your requirements.

Many suppliers provide door to door delivery and this may be a convenient option if in comparing prices you find a price that is better suited to your budget outside the local area you are living.  If you choose this option be aware that they must be shipped to meet safety requirements and this may increase the charge to accommodate the extra size and weight of packaging.

Steam Room Door Features

Doors are usually made of glass or glass and aluminium.  Adjustable hinges make hanging the doors relatively easy and if choosing aluminium designs, it is possible to have extra glass panes added to the doors if desired.  Most doors can be customised to meet design needs.  This enables the doors to open outwards which is standard, or to be modified to close and open inwardly.  The fittings on the door can also be adjusted to enable easy fitting and exchange of features such as door handles and where they are located.

Advice and Assistance in Choosing a Door

Steam room doors are perhaps the most important feature of the steam room.  Most doors supplied through a manufacturer are covered by a warranty when hung correctly according to specifications.  Free advice is usually available to the home handyman, requiring assistance to choose and install the door correctly.