Steam Room Equipment

You have chosen your steam room design and installation is under way. Now the fun can begin. Optimum enjoyment will come to you and your family through the selection of the best steam room equipment for your requirements.

Steam Room Equipment

Steam Room Equipment Accessories for Safety

The choice of steam room equipment will depend on the design of the area you have chosen.  Once you have chosen your design you will then choose the appropriate extra equipment to keep the steam production at a temperature that is comfortable and adequate for needs of those using the room.

Electrical generators produce their own steam; whereas the Finnish designed hot rock steam generators require a ladle to pour water over the hot coals to create the steaming effect.  Some designs have a built in thermometer to maintain the heat of the steam produced whereas others require a manual manipulation of the steam and a special custom made thermometer is essential.

The steam produced by the generators is very moist and therefore other equipment such as a steam room clock maybe appreciated particularly in commercial operations.  Spending too long in a hot environment also lead to dehydration, so a useful extra accessory is a timer which enables the user of the room to limit the time they spend in the steam to a suitable amount to produce the desired health outcomes.

Steam Room Equipment Accessories for Atmosphere

A distinctive and sometimes romantic addition to the steam room may be special lighting that reflects the mood of those using it most often.  Lighting which is specially designed for use in the moist environment can have either fixed colours to suit most decors or some have rotating lights that add an ambience of their own to the room.  If you have opted for a smaller unit you may be looking for the perfect fittings for the bath or the unit.  These may include specific designs for shower doors or bathtub areas. 

Suppliers can also provide moisture proof radios, telephones and remote control hand-sets for those who would like to sit and relax the atmosphere in their steam bath.  Luxurious towel sets will also add a sense of complete pampering and relaxation and are worth the investment if the budget can accommodate it.  Dressing gowns and face cloths may also add to the total experience. 

The Personal Touch

The Finns first started using vapour as a means of wellbeing over a hundred years ago.  Manufacturers inspired by the success of the Finns have continued to develop new technology that although based on the Finnish design can provide a very personal experience when relaxing in such a warm and moist environment.

Adding seating, aromatherapy and access to CD connections to the list of useful accessories can create a total personal touch to the experience.  They may seem a little extravagant when budgeting the items, but when coupled with the lighting and other accessories they will promote wellbeing and health and create a holistic health approach as well as a deeply satisfying and relaxing way to de-stress and relax.