Steam Room Faqs

Before you decide to install or even use a steam room it is best that you are able to find out a lot about it. There will be a lot of questions you want the answers to and fortunately whatever you want to know should be easy to find. Many companies have online sites where you can find out about costs and installations and there are forums where the pros and cons are discussed. Here is a list of steam room FAQs.

Steam Room Faqs

Steam Room FAQs

Q. How expensive is it to construct a steam room at home?
A. This will depend on what you want and how capable you are at DIY.  If you feel you can do it yourself and don’t want a top of the range one it should be possible to pay somewhere in the region of £1000.

Q. Are steam rooms safe to use?
A. There are a couple of things you should be aware of and this is mainly to do with the water and your personal health.  In some places the water may contain contaminates that can be breathed in once the water turns to steam.  You must keep hydrated and make sure you don’t overheat while also bearing in mind that you may need to spend only a little time there if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Q. Where can I find a steam room?
A. If you do not have one at home the places you are most likely to be able to go to use them are the local gyms or swimming pools.  Most of these will have them for use by customers and while there may be a fee, if you are already a member it may not be too expensive.  Hotels also have them and if you are a guest it will often be free of charge.  If the hotel has a gym that is open to the public it is likely that you will also be able to use the steam room.

Q. Can I lose weight in a sauna?
A. Sadly no, this is not going to happen.  Any weight loss will probably just be loss of water as result of sweating and as soon as you have a drink anything that has been lost will go straight back on.  As it is advisable to have a drink right before and after using the steam room there will be no weight loss monitored.

Q. Can anyone use a steam room?
A. The simple answer is no. Pregnant women should not use a steam room and it is advised that children are kept out.  If you have high blood pressure you should not go in and the same applies to people with a fever as they could easily overheat.  The risk of overheating also applies to people who have just finished exercising so there should be a gap while you cool down.
Once you have fully researched the subject you should have all the answers to your steam room FAQs.  You should now be in a position to know if this is something you want to get involved in.  If you still have health concerns it will be best to consult your doctor.