Steam Room Lighting

If you are fitting your own steam shower, do not forget the steam shower lights. It is easy to get carried away in the planning and fitting of the bathroom in general and to forget about the steam room lighting. You often find that bathrooms are poorly lit and the lighting of the steam shower is equally important. Here are a few tips to take note of when choosing lighting for your steam shower.

Steam Room Lighting

The affect that lighting has in a steam room is unrealised by the majority.  Think about what it is like to drive in fog and think of the difference that it makes when you are in that situation and there is a beam of light to aid you; it really does make all the difference.  A steam bath is like being enveloped in a relaxing fog and enhanced by the sensation that a warm glow of illumination provides.

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to selecting your steam room lighting, you should take note that there are several different types of lighting, including ambient, ascent, and vanity.

  • Ambient lighting is normally produced by a single light which is situated in the middle of the room.  Many bathrooms have this as their main type of lighting.  This ought to mainly be a light to replace daylight.
  • Ascent lighting is generally a recessed spotlight that is pointed towards a feature or some kind of decoration.
  • Vanity light is used to illuminate the bathroom mirror.

Lots of Steam Room Lighting Choices

Selecting steam room lighting is not straight forward as there is a large selection of bulbs available.  It is advisable to choose one that gives a clear white light and halogen ones are some of the best available.  Smaller bulbs give an excellent overall glow whilst some of the latest bulbs are coloured and are generally much more efficient than the older ones.  It is also advisable to consider the right mounting for your steam shower light.  Ceiling lights are made of solid metal, with a glass or polycarbonate lens which operates on low-voltage electric.  These are suitable for a damp atmosphere and are advisable to set the mood.  Think about installing a dimmer switch so that you can be in control of your lighting before entering the steam shower.

If your budget allows it, why not think about installing wall mounted lights to provide the necessary steam room lighting?

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Whatever the lighting bulb you ultimately select, always remember to think of safety before anything else.  Water and electricity combined can be lethal so you should ensure that you get someone in to fit it that is a qualified electrician, or at least speak to one and ask advice on what you are planning to do.

Selecting the correct bathroom lighting for your home, and predominantly the steam shower lights, will be far less difficult if you plan ahead.  Get advice from the company that you purchased the steam shower from, speak to an electrician and consider all options that are available before you decide.  This should mean that the finished effect of the steam room lighting is totally successful.