Steam Room Maintenance

While you will obviously enjoy using your steam room there will be a less enjoyable part and that will be cleaning and maintaining it. To a large extent it should not cost much to look after and should not take up a great deal of extra time compared to keeping a bathroom clean but there are a few things that you should take extra care about.

Steam Room Maintenance

Starting your Steam Room Maintenance

The obvious first step is to make sure that the steam room is dry once you have finished with it.  This is one of the most important parts of steam room maintenance as it will stop some of the possible problems before they start.  The water can begin to smell if it is left for some time and it will not be a nice environment the next time you use it.  This is such a simple thing and can save you time in the future.

As it is a hot and humid room there is the risk that bacteria will be able to survive if your steam room maintenance is not all it should be.  It should be cleaned thoroughly and as with all products you use check that it is alright to use in a steam room.  It should not just be the floor that is looked after but the tiles should be properly cleaned down.  Also wipe the seats as the water left there can let bacteria breed as well as on the tiles and floor.  All it takes is a rub down with a cloth but it will make all the difference.

Cracks in the tiles can be a problem for two reasons.  Obviously on the floor they could cause someone to cut themselves but regardless of where they are they should be repaired or replaced right away as they can be an ideal place for bacteria to hide.

Looking After the Generator

It is important not to forget about the generator as that is also something that can cause problems if it is not properly looked after.  Dirt and bacteria can be present here as well and you can combat the problems they can cause by draining it on a regular basis.  When it is in regular use there is not much need to worry about the bacteria as the boiling water will kill it but if you don’t use the steam room for a while you should take extra precautions.  Use an alkaline solution that you would normally use in a pool but make sure that all of it is washed away before the generator is used again.  A water softener should be used as well and this will help keep the generator running smoothly and give it a longer life span.

You should not need to buy any special products to carry out your steam room maintenance but should make sure it is done regularly.  Then you and your family and friends can use it whenever required safe in the knowledge that that nothing will go wrong.