Steam Room Risks

We will all hear a lot about the benefits of a steam room and the good things is can do. It can help us relax and can also give relief to a number of ailments. Asthma can be relieved and there will also be an improvement in migraines. They will not be cured but the relief at least on a temporary basis will be noticeable. There are also a number of problems that can be caused and it is important that you know all about these before you use the steam room. Most of the problems will be related to shared steam rooms but there can be risks in your own.

Steam Room Risks

Steam Room Risks – Germs

Some places use water that is used throughout the area and it is possible that once it comes into the steam room there will be impurities in it.  The steam will be breathed in so we will be taking these impurities directly into our bodies.  There is also the problem of breathing in the germs of other users.  As they breathe out their germs will come into the room and we will also take them in.

Steam Room Risks – The Floor

As well as having germs here there is also the risk of having a fall.  The steam will turn back to water and can lie in puddles on the floor.  You may only have to take a couple of steps in and out but it is enough to be a problem.  Also make sure that the tiles are not chipped in anyway.  As well as adding to the germ problem it is possible you could cut your foot.  Added to the germs this can lead to an infection.

Steam Room Risks – Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should not go into a steam room as it will interfere with the development of the unborn child.  Their temperature will rise above a safe level and this can lead to the child’s development being stunted.  It can also lead to the woman’s heart rate rising and again this will not be good for the child.  From the mothers point of view it will not be good for her as she will be hot and unable to cool down quickly.

Steam Room Risks – Children

A child should not use a steam room for a couple of reasons.  Firstly they will end up too hot and unable to cool down.  Secondly their lungs are not fully formed and it will not be easy dealing with all the steam they will breathe in.

When using a public steam room do not worry about the other people in there.  If you are not comfortable sitting on a wet seat after someone else take a towel in with you.  This will mean your skin is not touching the seat and risking picking up the last person’s germs.  If someone does make a comment you can always say that you have only done it because the seat is too hot on your bottom and thighs and you do not want to be burned.