Steam Room Types

Once you have decided to invest in a steam room, you need to decide what type of steam room you want. There will not just be decisions made regarding what type of design you want and how many people you want it to seat but you can also choose certain features and equipment that will provide certain benefits to the user. It will be possible to have a steam room that will be big enough for one or two users and that can go up to 20 or more. Often it is only money and the space available that will determine how big your steam room is.

Steam Room Types

Steam Room Types

  • Aroma Room. This is the sort of steam room you will often find in a health spa.  The steam comes from rocks that have aromatic oils on them and will normally be used as a shared facility.

  • Sweat Lodge. The main purpose of this steam room type is to clear the body of toxins.  The steam opens the pores and allows the toxins out this way.  It is thought that the Native Americans invented this and they also believed that the steam helped them mentally as well.

  • Caldarium. This is a variation of the aroma room and the steam that comes in is scented.

  • Balinese Steam room.  Again the steam is scented but in this case it will always be Jasmine.

  • Japanese salt steam rooms. The water here is very salty and as a result the steam is salty. There are also plant extracts and herbs used and the scent from these will be infused into the steam.

  • Mud steam bath/room.  This was started in Arabia and before getting into the steam room you will be covered head to toe in mud.  The mud is filled with minerals and once it is on you there will be a 20 minute session in the steam room.  Once the time is up the mud will be removed and the toxins should fall away with it.  This is a longer treatment than normal as there will be a massage with oils afterwards.

  • Hammam.  This is based on the traditional Turkish baths.  The design will normally be very elaborate and they are more than likely going to be found in hotels rather than homes.  They are intended to be large for a group of people to use at a time.  The room will have a tap in the middle and benches surrounding it allowing all users to benefit from the steam once it comes out.

Steam Room Types Benefits

Whichever steam room type you choose you should find that you come out of the session totally relaxed although the mud option may stress you a bit when you are having the cold shower to remove the mud!  The scented steam will make it a pleasant experience and as there are so many different versions from all over the world it is a clear that there must be something beneficial from using steam rooms.