Steam Room Weight Loss

There are plenty of ways to lose weight nowadays and everyone seems to have their own idea as to which way will be best. The main ones that everyone will know about will be exercise and eating less. For many they think that sweating a great deal will help them with weight loss and as a result believe that after regular sessions in the steam room weight loss will happen. The bad news is that this will not happen and if it does it will be a fraction of the amount of weight that would be lost through other ways. It will likely not even be a permanent weight loss but if you do find that you are losing weight without exercising or cutting down on what you eat it may be best to take it further.

Steam Room Weight Loss

Steam Room Weight Loss Facts

If you weigh yourself before you go into the steam room and then do it again when you come out you may be pleased to see that you have lost some weight.  It could be anything up to 2lbs and you will no doubt be pleased that there has been such a steam room weight loss with so little effort.  The truth is that you will not have lost two pounds of fat but just two pounds of water.  This will be because you have sweated so much while you have been in there.  As soon as you have a drink after you come out of the steam room you will begin to put the weight back on.  It will only take two pints of water for the weight to reappear as each pint will weigh about a pound.

If you have been using the steam room in the correct way you will have had a drink of water before you went in and as such the weight you thought you were would have been altered due to the recent intake of water.  If you decide to have something other than water when you come out then the weight may actually show an increase.  This will be because the water that had been sweated out did not have any calories whereas the drink you take in does.

Is there Any Steam Room Weight Loss?

There is only one way that you can claim that any of your weight loss can be attributed to the sauna.  This is because there will be toxins taken out of your body as a result of the pores opening due to the heat.  This can then work in conjunction with certain weight loss products that are based on getting toxins out of the body.

There is also the fact that once the toxins have gone you may feel much healthier and more energetic.  This can lead to you being able to exercise more and therefore it is more than likely that there will be some weight loss.  As a result there will be a small amount of weight loss that can be attributed to the steam room but most of it will have to be achieved by other methods.