Steam Room

Having a steam room can be lots of fun and can allow you to relax at the end of a long day.  There is no need to visit a gym now to experience the benefits as they are fairly inexpensive to have fitted into your own home.  If you are quite good at DIY it is possible to build one yourself.  There are DIY steam room kits available and even if you consider that this is still a bit more expensive than you hoped it will be possible to buy most of the parts separately so you can spend more on the parts that matter and miss out on some of the more cosmetic items.

Steam Room

What you Need in a Steam Room

There will clearly be the need for a generator and this will cost more than most items.  This is easy to fit and can be place anywhere in the house as long as it is within 40 feet of the steam room.  The other important part will be the frame.  This needs to be totally waterproof to prevent mould and disintegration.

There will also need to be a ventilation system.  This is also used to prevent mould from growing by encouraging steam to leave the bathroom.  There is a choice of system and if cost is not an issue it will be best to get one with a timer as this way you won’t have to worry about switching it on and off at the right times.

Where You Can Save Money

Some of the things that are not as important and thus where savings can be made are things such as lighting and aromatherapy.  There will probably be the need for a form of lighting but there are systems that do not cost a great deal.  It is possible to spend a lot on lighting and to have multi coloured lights that form interesting designs and can be considered mood lighting, but it is also possible to have basic lighting that will help to keep the cost down

Aromatherapy is something that can easily be missed out.  This will add a nice smell to the steam room but it is not a vital piece of equipment.  There will be other things that it will be more important to spend money on if you want to have a steam room at home.

The type of seating used can also be an area where you can save money.  There can be some nice seating put in but it is also possible to get a fairly basic seat that will do the job and not break the bank.  By shopping around you should be able to get a good deal as many companies who sell equipment online seem to have sales on a regular basis.

If you plan ahead you should be able to work out how to get a steam room at a decent price.  If you rush out and buy everything at once you could end up spending more than you wanted.  Make a plan and decide how much you want to spend and a steam room at home will not be out of the question.