Steam Rooms

Steam rooms are rooms or stalls which are infused with steam by a generator. These are often hot and wet. People sit in steam rooms and enjoy it because of the relaxation it brings and the health and wellness benefits. Steam rooms are not new to civilization as they have been in existence from a very early period, however, new research has unearthed the benefits of steam rooms and they have now become popular in modern times.

Steam Rooms

How does a Steam Room Work?

Steam rooms are powered by a generator which releases steam into the enclosed space. People sitting in the steam room then get exposed to hot steam which causes the body temperature to heat up, inducing increased metabolism and sweat.  This sweat has the effect of removing up to 30 percent of harmful waste and toxins from the body, promoting better wellbeing.

The amount of time you spend in a steam room would depend largely on the type of steam room.  Where it is a stall or a small enclosure, a limited amount of time can be spent because of the heat from the steam.  In the case of a really big room or a group of steam rooms, you can spend as much time as you fancy.

Who Needs a Steam Room?

Steam rooms can be enjoyed by everyone with a few exceptions.  It is not advisable to visit a steam room if you are pregnant or have a heart condition.  For those with diabetes or any other medical condition, clearance from your doctor should be obtained before visiting a steam room.  If you have a fever, a session in a steam room may only serve to exacerbate the condition because of the temperature increase which results from steam rooms.

Generally though, steam rooms are recommended for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis and have been known to bring relief to those who suffer from these conditions.  Also, pain sufferers will benefit greatly from steam rooms and pain from conditions like arthritis is greatly relieved.

If you have a high stress job or are experiencing a lot of stress, a session in a steam room would do you a world of good.  The steam loosens the joints and relaxes the muscles and when mixed with aromatherapy, can work wonders on the nerves and aid sleep.

Where do I get one?

Steam rooms are no longer difficult to find.  In the past, you would have had to travel to a health resort, a spa or made a reservation in a high end hotel to enjoy the benefits of a steam room.  However, these days, a lot of gyms have steam rooms attached.  Moreover, you can now get a steam room installed in your home at an affordable cost, particularly if you do not want the inconvenience of leaving your home each time you need a session in the steam room.

Steam rooms are luxuries that have been made affordable.  With the proliferation of steam rooms in several establishments and the possibility of installing one in your home, you no longer need to wait or save up before you treat yourself to a steam room.