What is a Steam Room

What is a steam room? The concept of steam rooms is as old as the ancient Roman Empire, where there were large steam rooms that people went into for health benefits and also for their general wellbeing. In modern times, these steam rooms have been recreated and can be found in several public places like gyms, fitness centres, sanatoriums and health resorts. These days, there are home steam rooms that can easily be installed inside your home. Although the steam rooms of those days are quite different from modern steam rooms, their functions are still very much similar.

What is a Steam Room

How Do Steam Rooms Work?

A steam room works by producing hot, wet steam into a room.  The difference between a steam room and a sauna is that saunas are dry and not as wet.  You begin by entering the room filled with hot steam and sitting for a short period of time.  Because the steam is really hot, it is not advisable to stay over 15 minutes in a steam room.  But this mostly applies to home steam rooms or smaller steam rooms.  In most health resorts, what you find is a huge place dedicated to steam rooms with pools and the choice of a massage.  In these steam rooms, it is possible to stay for as long as you desire.

Some steam rooms make use of aroma therapy by letting in scents from essential oils.  This adds to the relaxation factor that can be gotten from steam rooms.  The use of aromatherapy in steam rooms can be incorporated even in your personal home steam room.

What is a Steam Room’s Health Benefits?

If you are wondering what is a steam room’s health benefits, you should know that the health and psychological benefits of steam rooms have been recognised for a very long time.  These include:

  • Relaxation: For most people, this is the primary health benefit of steam rooms because a session in a steam room has the effect of relaxing the muscles and bringing relief to the body.

  • Pain Relief: Healthcare providers are increasingly recommending steam room sessions for those suffering from pain ailments.  Going to steam rooms can have the effect of decreasing or literally eliminating pain in muscles, nerves and joints and bringing relief.

  • Eliminating Microbes: This is a health benefit of steam rooms that is well known to physicians but is not as obvious to the lay person.  When the body temperature is heated up, it produces the ability to disable and kill microbes which could be harmful.  This serves the same function as a fever, only it is more controlled.

  • Heart Rate Increase: Heating up the body can also increase the heart rate, improving the flow of blood.  This improves the overall health of a person.

  • Toxin Removal: The body has a way of retaining harmful toxins which need to be flushed out quite often.  Steam rooms can aid faster nutrient assimilation and flushing out of toxins.

  • Increased production of enzymes and white blood cells.  These are necessary to aid the body’s disease fighting ability.

Steam rooms are very beneficial and have been shown to aid people suffering from asthma, improve the quality of the skin and even enhance good sleep.  They are becoming more of a fixture in homes across the country.  Hopefully you now understand ‘what is a steam room’.